Knox Avenue Eyeing April Fools Day Launch...No Seriously!

Yep, things are taking shape at the brand-spanking-new Knox Avenue facility, with our first clients moving in on April 1. We are still working feverishly on all the finishing touches in hopes of creating something that's truly kick-ass and special. As of now, the place looks like something straight out of "The Shining" - which is cool, don't get me wrong - but will look even cooler with a coat of paint, some pimped-out restrooms, and a vending machine or two stuffed with all the necessities (dunno about condoms and KY jelly, but we can definitely work up some Cheetoh's and Clark bars).

Did we mention that we're running a "smashing" Move-In Special? That's right, the first 30 folks to sign a lease will get a free bottle of Three Floyds. Must be 21, of course. Sorry Hanson. Wait, those guys are all 21 by now, what were we thinking?

Also, as if that weren't cool enough, we're also running an "All About The Benjamins" referral special. By referring a band to us, if said band mentions that you sent them when they ink the lease, you will get $100 of your next month's rent. Think of how much Three Floyds that will buy.


Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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