Spring Cleaning At Superior St.

That's right, it's Spring and the temps are FINALLY starting to hit the high double-digits in our fair city. There's no place better to be in the whole wide world than Chicago in spring-time. Of course, as the weather gets warmer and the halls of Superior St. heat up, you may start noticing some foul emanations from neighboring rooms...

Of course, this can all be avoided by taking a few moments before your next rehearsal to dispose of any trash that may have gathered during the cold winter months. The extra little bit of care you show will be greatly appreciated by your neighbors and they, in kind, will return the favor.

To get you started in the right direction, we offer you...

Five Spring Cleaning Tips for Rockers!

1. Instead of placing a Stick-Up deodorizer on that stack of pizza boxes, throw away the stack of pizza boxes. Then place the Stick-Up on or near the drummer.

2. Don't just throw a rug over that Pabst Blue Ribbon spill. A handful of paper towels will work wonders on removing spills and the money you'd have spent on an ugly rug can be put towards more Pabst Blue Ribbon!

3. If you and the rest of the band decide to indulge in some hearty Mexican food before rehearsal, do us all a favor and pick up a can of Glade air freshener on your way to your practice space. When someone toots, another one shoots a shot of Glade. The end result is a whole lot of flowery goodness rather than a mish-mash of ass gas.

4. In a pinch, an old gig poster makes for a great Magyver-style dustpan for your weekly - yes, WEEKLY - sweeping of the floor. An actual dustpan will also work, but those cost money.

5. Two words: trash can. That's right, "trash can". By installing one of these state-of-the-art trash recepticles in your space, you can foster a sense of unity in regard to maintaining a clean and safe place to rock out with your cock out.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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