Today in Music...April 30th

On this day in 2005, the Dave Matthews Band agreed to pay $200,000 in damages incurred when the unscrupulous driver of their tour bus, Stefan Wohl, dumped raw sewage directly into the Chicago River, accidentally assailing a boat carrying over 100 tourists in Chicago the year prior. Wohl was fined $10,000. The DMB had previously donated $100,000 to two organizations dedicated to protecting the Chicago River, and had publicly apologized to those tourists who were on that fateful voyage of the "S.S. Poop Deck".

In 1976, The Who's drummer Keith Moon pays nine taxi cabs to block both ends of a New York City street so he can safely chuck the contents of his hotel suite out of his window and into the street.


Willie Nelson, born in 1933

Wayne Kramer (MC5, born in 1948)

Chris Henderson (Three Doors Down, 1971)

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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