Knox News: Hourly Rooms Loom Upon The Horizon

In our continuing goal to make Knox the most ass-kicking-est rehearsal facility in town, we are now in talks to procure additional space in order to construct some hourly rooms. Many bands in town have spoken of just such a need and we at Knox have listened.

Why the need for hourly rooms?

- Hey, let's face it. Even if you have a permanent rehearsal space, sometimes the idea of auditioning new members seems better suited to an hourly room. After all, it only takes one bad egg to scope out your room and make note of all your gear under the guise of "auditioning". We wish such things never happened and its hard to believe that their are turncoats amidst the ranks of Chicago's rock brethren, but the least we, and you, can do is play it safe at all times.

- You're having some scheduling conflicts with the other band you share your space with and don't want that to get in the way of your rehearsal, recording or concert preparation plans.

- You've got a new piece of gear you wanna try out, or want a room all to yourself to do some guerrilla-style recording. Did we mention that these rooms will be 100% sound-proofed and acoustically-treated to create the most productive environment possible.

We at Knox are excited about our new hourly rooms and will keep you abreast of all developments as we work feverishly to give the people exactly what they want, and then some!

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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