Song Of The Day: Wilco "A Shot In The Arm"

Right up front, let me just say that, while I consider myself a fan of the band Wilco, I also happen to find most other Wilco fans kinda insufferable. You can always tell how delusional a Wilco fan is by how they feel about some of the band's recent releases. If they own them all and argue vehemently about the greatness of A Ghost Is Born, you have found yourself a real whack-job. You can tell them I said so, too, because the only Wilco album that has ever lived up to the mountains of hype dedicated to this band is 1999's Summerteeth.

Thankfully, when the band made their final Midwest appearance of 2010 at South Bend's Coveleski Park on the last Friday of July, Jeff Tweedy and the boys just happened to play one of the best live versions of my favorite song from that particular album EVER!


Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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