Today in Music: August 9, 2010

On this date in 1986, Queen played their last ever concert, appearing at Knebworth Park in England to a sold-out crowd of over 120,000.

In 1994, Oasis abruptly end a concert in Newcastle, England after guitarist Noel Gallagher is attacked onstage by a fan. Angry fans then attack the band's bus as it leaves the venue.

Jerry Garcia dies of a heart attack on this date in 1995.

In 2005, Marc Cohn is shot in the head by a man trying to carjack his tour fan. Amazingly, the bullet does not enter Cohn's skull, leaving the singer with only a flesh wound and some bruising.


Benjamin Orr, bassist for The Cars, 1955. Orr passed away from cancer in 2000.

Whitney Houston, 1963

Arion Salazar of Third Eye Blind, 1972

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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