Holy Shit: Wilco Start Own Label!

As reported by Pitchfork mag based on what Wilco hired-gun Nels Cline said on a recent radio show, the rock band Wilco seems to be in the process of forming their own label after parting ways with Nonesuch Records, the Warner affiliate that saw to it that WEA pay the band twice for the same record (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot).

Seeing as how every record since YTF was snoozier than the one before it and, thus, sold less and less, I'll bet you those smug bastards at Camp Tweedy blame the label for "not promoting their music effectively."

Looks like Wilco is a tad high on their own fumes, or coffee, rather. Seeing as how Wilco has been whoring their "brand" left and right - they're not just a band, they're a way of life, after all - we'll no doubt soon be seeing more of their songs pop up in commercials. It'll be songs from their WEA days, of course, while the stuff they put out on their own label gathers cyber-dust.

I love seeing these delusional bands that are on the verge of getting dropped because their last three albums sucked leave willingly, then declare "We wanted our freedom." Yep, we recognize the ol' "girl breaking up with you first because she knows you're gonna dump her" trick when we see it.

Let's face it, Wilco made one goof record, Summerteeth. The rest of their albums all suck to varying degrees, with Tweedy seemingly going out of his way not to write a hook. On Summerteeth, for some odd reason, he finally gave in to the inclination and made a fucking great record.

Even with their last few records being total cures for insomnia (whatever you do, don't operate any heavy machinery while listening to A Ghost Is Born, whatever you do), Wilco remains a band whose every move gets covered in the press. It's not like every move Kid Rock makes - which is stupider, but more interesting to read about - hearing whatever knew thing Wilco is up to is like someone watching molasses dry and giving you a play-by-play.

How about Wilco stop with the sandwich shops and the coffees and the starting their own labels and just make a good goddamn record that's worth listening, to...how 'bout doing that? If and when they do, feel free to wake my headless torso out of its cryogenic sleep and say "I told you so."

Until then, zip it.

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