Katy Perry To Make "Special Announcement" This Wednesday!

Current ProActiv zit cream spokeswoman Katy Perry will be making a "special announcement" at Facebook headquarters on Wednesday. Reports are that the announcement will be streamed live over Facebook LIVE, the company's live streaming channel (duh).

If you're anything like us (and we pray for your sake that you aren't), you're probably giddy with anticipation at what the announcement might be. We, of course, have made our own speculations and they are as follows:

"Russell Brand is hairier than Bigfoot, EWWW!"

"Why is it that when I actually wear a shirt, nobody listens to me? Hello? Anybody?"

"I just wrote a sequel to 'I Kissed A Girl'. It's called "I Fucked A Homeless Guy' and comes free with any ProActiv order of $50 or more."

"I will be making a special announcement just as soon as Max Martin and Dr. Luke are finished writing it for me."

"Wanna see my boobies?"

"For my next trick, I'm going to make Avril Lavigne disappear...she's already gone? See, it worked!"

"You guys aren't listening, are you? Good thing my shirt just flew off again!"

Of course, we'll have to hold our collective breath until Wednesday to here her actual announcement. Something tells me it won't be nearly as interesting as anything we came up with...

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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