Music News: Week of March 29, 2011

As if The King Of Limbs wasn't already proof positive of a band high on their own fumes, the ambitiously self-important blokes in Radiohead have taken it upon themselves to release their own newspaper. Entitled The Universal Sigh, the papoer will share stories, poetry and other verbal meanderings with their sheep-like following. Print copies of the newspaper hit select retail locations on Monday, March 28.

In other Radiohead news, fans around the world shivered with glee when the band announced they'd be releasing a new 12" single on Record Store Day (April 16). The single will contain two new songs, "The Butcher" and "Supercollider" (wonder if it's the Fountains of Wayne tune...probably not). Now it seems only fans in the UK get to shiver with glee, as the single (released in a limited pressing of 2,000 copies) will only be available in Great Britain.

Hot on the heels of Brandon Flowers' Daniel Lanois-produced solo album, Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci is hard at work on his own solo album. Normally, the words "drummer" and "solo album" should never be used in the same sentence, but when we heard that Ronnie's working with ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, we figured we'd at least give it a listen. More details to come.

The Lost Beatles Photographs by Bob Bonis is available in bookstores now. Check HERE for a preview of 15 of the photos featured in the book.

"Killing Bono" opens April 1. The film (dubbed a comedy in the press release) centers around two brothers growing up in Ireland who aspire to become rock stars, but who must settle for watching U2 rise to glory instead. We must admit, the trailer does have us intrigued.

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