New Release Round-Up

The Strokes "Angles" (March 22)

The long-awaited return of the Silver Spoon Gang has many oozing with anticipation of a return-to-form. Of course, if these people also raved about the last album, then how can this one be a "return-to-form" unless the last one actually kinda sucked? Regardless, we are hopeful that these NYC hipster renegades will bring the goods this time.

Radiohead "The King Of Limbs" (March 29)

This one's been available as a download for some time now, enough for most of us to know whether we dig it or not. Suppose the diehard fans who didn't like the download version of the album will still buy this so they can brag about it on their Facebook and Twitter pages. "Just got the new Radiohead CD. The digipack design is SOOOO AMAZING!!" Sheep.

Britney Spears "Femme Fatale" (March 29)

I find it hard to believe she was even there for the recording of this album, much less had anything to do with the direction of the music. Which is why I find her recent interviews, where she talks about how she wanted this to be completely different from her last records, so entertaining. It just means she hired someone else for one song (Will.I.Am on "Big Fat Bass), while the rest of the album is just the usual Dr. Luke/Max Martin money grab.

Rush "Moving Pictures" (April 5)

Rush gets the Deluxe Reissue treatment long after much less worthy artists (I'm looking at you, Crystal Method) got theirs. Ah well, just glad to see the one truly essential Rush album finally get it's due. While the Bonus Disc is merely a 5.1 and stereo mix of the album, with a few videos tossed in for good measure, we are hopeful that the remastering will blow our hair back and make it worth the somewhat hefty "deluxe" price.

Paul Simon "So Beautiful Or So What?" (April 12)

Despite the somewhat head-scratching title, this is supposed to be a real comeback for Simon. Some have called it his best work since "Graceland", which they seem to say every time he releases a new album, but he hasn't releases at all that manby as of late, so we'll let it slide. Elvis Costello writes the album's liner notes and the bonus edition of the album comes with a DVD featuring a "making og" video as well as the music video for "Getting ready For Christmas Day".

k.d. lang "k.d. land and The Siss Boom Bang: Sing It Loud" (April 12)

This new one's being touted as the first album lang has recorded with a band of her own choosing since her early records with The Reclines. Makes it sound like she's been forced to make records against her will and, we suppose, cash the checks against her will as well. It comes out on Nonesuch.

The Feelies "Here Before" (April 12)

Founding members Glenn Mercer and Bill Million return after a 19-year absence and awaken this seminal alt rock band from its slumber. Let's face it, the old records were better, but the world is just a little better with The Feelies in it. If you can't bring yourself to pick this one up, at least see them live, where they truly soar.

Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues" (May 2)

It seems like forever since their last full-length (in 2008), but the Foxes return is eagerly anticipated. Can't wait until May 2? You can stream three new songs on the band's Amazon page.

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