Screeching Weasel Quit Ben Foster

Wow, we didn't see this one coming. Seems everyone in the band Screeching Weasel NOT named Ben has quit. A statement (courtesy of released on Wednesday, March 23 by ex-members Dan Schafer, Adam Cargin, Justin Perkins, and Drew Fredrichsen states:

"The un-calculated act put forth by Ben "Weasel" Foster leading up to and including the violence that erupted on stage is seen by the band as shameful and embarrassing. The sentiments and actions expressed were completely out of our control and in no way represent the band members' view points or moral compasses. As a result, the band has discussed at length and has come to the conclusion that as a group we will not likely be able to muster the dignity to attempt a live performance as 'Screeching Weasel' in the foreseeable future. We each look forward to re-evaluating our involvement in the band as we move forward if we are given the opportunity."

While nobody has officially stepped forward to confirm rumors that Weasel Fest 2011 has been canceled, we at The Shit stand by our sources, who all tell us that the Fest is about to be taken off of life support.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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