Random Shit On A Friday: Courtney Love As A Stripper, Bon Scott In A Hotel Room, Plan B Not Into Sucking Cock, and MORE!

Seems the esteemed blog Dangerous Minds has unearthed actual photos of Courtney Love doing her pole dancing thing at Jumbo's Clown Room back before she became famous. While many disregarded it as a vicious rumor, we always felt it had the stink of truth to it. Anybody else suddenly feel the need to take a long, hot shower? Damn, we love the interweb!

Seems the new My Morning Jacket album has leaked and those who've heard it say it's a whole lot mellower than their past efforts and, to quote one of our good friends who is a HUGE MMJ fanatic, "kinda meh".

Pete Doherty was recently sentenced to six months in jail for cocaine possession. Sheesh, about fucking time. We were starting to think maybe Britain's laws about such things were kinda lax. Oh, that's right, they are. I mean, this guy was probably holding in the court room, for fuck's sake. Would not be the first time.

UK phenom Plan B has recently re-recorded his hit "Hard Times" to feature guest vocals by Elton John and Paloma Faith (who?!), with proceeds from the single going to aid those in need in Japan. So, how about paying for this one, eh? :) Plan B recently spoke of his chances of breaking big in the US: ""It just seems to be a lot of cock sucking that has to go on in order to get your music to get played to the masses and I'm just not prepared to suck cock really." (SOURCE)

Oh, there's THIS for anyone who doesn't already think Glenn Beck and My Chemical Romance and, for that matter, the creators of the TV show "Glee" are all a bunch of humorless turds.

And, fuck, can you dig this crazy photo of Bon Scott hanging out with the Sunset Strip Chapter of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club circa 1978? Damn, we really love the interweb! (thanks to our pal beatnikdaddio for that one)

There's a rumor that The Jam might be getting back together. Fuck, if Pink Floyd can reunite not once, but twice in the past few years, we saw it's possible!

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