Sad News: Clarence Clemons Passes

After suffering a stroke earlier this week, friends and fans of the legendary E Street sax man were hopeful as Clemons' condition seemed to improve a few days later, but, sadly, reliable sourced have now confirmed that Clarence Clemons has passed away.

Our heart goes out to his family and close friends and, while it would be easy to post a clip of him in better times, gigging with the E Street Band, we felt his solo hit from 1985 was a slice of a time long past when life was much more carefree and whatever troubles we may have had back then seem almost frivolous to the ones we wrestle with these days.

For all it's over-the-top upbeat goodness, there is something so joyously guilt-free about the song, and the smile that is so prominently etched upon Clemons' face.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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