Katy Perry Takes It Off!

Seriously, is anybody else as tired as I am at seeing Katy Perry thrust her tits at the world?

I mean, seriously, take it off already so we can once and for all write off your entire career as a total non-event. The thing is her tits ain't really all that, and that constant "I-just-farted-in-my-wetsuit-aren't-I-coy?" look she has on her face most of the time is stolen straight from Jenny McCarthy.

Pretty sad for a gal who started out as a Christian singer, but then realized there was so much more money to be made as a playful pop tart.

How does that happen? At what point did she say "You know, I'd really much rather be showing off my tits right now?" I mean, bonus points for honesty, I guess, but talk about selling your soul.


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