Caleb Followill of Kings Of Leon Implodes Onstage?!

Seems Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill had quite the onstage meltdown last night in Dallas. At one point, he began telling the crowd that he had no voice whatsoever (at which point people in the crowd actually CHEERED in true sheep fashion).

Later, though, he told the crowd that he was going to leave the stage to vomit, drink some beer, and come back to sing three more songs.

While Caleb did leave the stage, exactly as he said he would, he kinda forgot the part about coming back to finish the show.

Of course, his bandmates came back out to apologize profusely to the crowd and to basically throw Caleb under the bus, saying, "It's really not our fault, it's Caleb. He can't play the rest of the show." Way to cover for your own flesh and blood, guys!

Jared Followill later tweeted, ""Dallas, I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am. There are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be addressed. No words," he wrote, later adding, "I love our fans so much. I know you guys aren't stupid. I can't lie. There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade."

Ruh roh, Raggy!

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