It's That Time Of Year Again: Superior St. BBQ Coming Soon!

Yes, indeed, with the inevitable dog days of summer giving way to the autumnal winds of change, we at Superior St. are pleased as punch to announce that our annual Superior St. BBQ will soon be upon us, so whet your appetites and circle your calendars, ladies and gentlemen.

This year's festivities will take place at the Superior St. facility (2734 Superior St., to be exact) on Thursday, September 29th, with doors opening at 5:30PM. Admission is FREE and we will be offering a wide array of BBQ, beer, and live music from Skinny Jim and The Number 9 Blacktops.

Admission is open to clients of Superior St. AND Knox Avenue facilities only. If you're band doesn't yet rehearse at Superior St. or Knox Avenue, you've got until 9/29 to correct that grievous error and gain entry to this most splendid hootenanny.

In fact, a much-coveted first-floor rehearsal space has become available at Superior St. (the first availability in eleven years!!). Knox Avenue, being the proverbial new kid on the block, has many rooms to choose from and boasts a mega-convenient NW side location to boot.

For more information on rehearsal space at Superior St., call 773-227-5550.

Knox Avenue rehearsal space info can be gained by dialing 773-685 KNOX (5669).

See you at the BBQ!!

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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