Superior St. and Knox Avenue NOW Accept PayPal!

We at THE SHIT are pleased as punch to announce that Superior St. and Knox Avenue now accept Paypal! What that means for you and yours is that bands can now pay their monthly rent via PayPal. It also means you can pay for purchases at the Mississippi Delta store at both Superior St. and Knox Avenue via your trusty PayPal account. So if you need some strings, sticks, or one of our custom, limited-edition t-shirts, but you left your cash and plastic at home, never fear...PayPal is here!

Like so many of the services we offer, our decision to accept Paypal payments came as a result of suggestions from YOU, our valued clients. So if that proverbial light bulb above your head should ever go on regarding any other service you think would be beneficial to our clients, our door is always open and we welcome you to give us your input!

After all, we're not just pals, we're PayPals!

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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  1. So what does one have to do to pay rent via paypal?