Al Jourgenson Suffers Relapse!

When "Uncle Al" Jourgensen announced the end of Ministry in 2008, a lot of folks figured this supposed retirement would be a brief one. Considering the rumors of Al being on his death bed on more than one occasion over the past couple years, though, one couldn't help think that maybe Ministry (and Al) really was history.
Then, on 11-11-11, the album that has been rumored to be near-completion for just as long (if not longer) than "Chinese Democracy", the Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters album finally saw proper release. Will miracles never cease?

Of course, all of this is icing on the cake compared to the not-so-long-awaited Ministry reunion that will culminate in the release of a new studio album in early 2012 (entitled "Relapse") and a brief tour that will see Ministry hold court for two nights (June 28 and 29, with talk of a third show to be added if ticket sales are strong enough) at the Vic Theatre.

Tickets for the Vic Theatre shows are already on sale. CLICK HERE to buy tickets.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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