Music News: Week Of January 9, 2012

The Tomorrow Never Knows festival is just two short days away, promising five days of great music shows around town. This year, however, we'll be looking forward to some great comedy sets as well, including Todd Barry's show at The Hideout on 1/13 (yes, that's right, FRIDAY the 13th) and Wyatt Cenac (of The Daily Show) on 1/14 at The Hideout.

Musically speaking, we're keen on catching Moombahton Massacre on 1/13 at Metro and Grouplove at Lincoln Hall on 1/14. We just hope there's a way to be two places at once so we can get our fill of comedy AND music without missing any of the above mentioned shows.

One show we will be missing, but it won't be any fault of our own, will be Adam Ant's February show at The Cubby Bear. It seems a conflict with his record label (a rather fly-by-night record label, if we do say so ourselves) has led Adam to scrap his entire US tour and move all dates back to October 2012. A statement on Adam's Facebook page explains, "Due to circumstances beyond the control of Adam Ant, his band and his representation, the release of Adam's new album has been delayed resulting in the re-scheduling of his February USA tour dates. All advance purchased tickets will remain valid. Adam Ant and all those involved with the tour are disappointed with the delay and apologize to the many of you that have purchased tickets in advance, however he greatly looks forward to bringing an amazing show to you all on the revised dates."

Snow Patrol, however, will be hitting Chicago on April 21st, playing the Aragon Ballroom in support of their new album, Fallen Empires. The band is actually playing a special gig at David Letterman's "Late Show" studio today (Jan 9) at 8PM EST. The entire concert will be available for streaming online.

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