30 Years Ago Today: John Belushi Passes Away, Feel Like Celebrating Tonight With The Music Of The Blues Brothers??

Thirty years ago today, one of the greatest comedic minds of the modern era was silenced. Actor/comedian/singer John Belushi was found dead in Bungalow #3 of the Chateau Marmont after a night of drug-taking. The coroner report at the time rules the cause of death as a speedball, an injection that combines both heroin and cocaine.

Belushi leaves behind a legacy that lives on to this day. "Animal House", his first cinematic hit, remains as popular as ever, as does "The Blues Brothers", which featured Belushi and SNL pal Dan Aykroyd as Jake and Elliot, a couple of wayward blues singers who embark on "a mission from God".

As further proof of the lasting legacy of John Belushi, an officially sanctioned Blues Brothers celebration will be taking place at Rialto Square theatre in Joliet, featuring The Official Blues Brothers Revue. What makes tonight's show just a little more special, though, is that Father Guido Sarducci will be making an appearance, as will original Blues Brothers band members Paul Shaffer (best known for his longtime work on The Late Show With David Letterman), Tom “Bones“ Malone, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, “Blue Lou” Marini. If that weren't cool enough, the special guest is Otis Day from Otis Day And The Nights (“Animal House”).

Keep in mind, this event is officially sanctioned by Dan Aykroyd and The Estate of John Belushi.

You just know that if Belushi were alive today, he'd be there. He can't, of course, but you can. As luck would have it, tickets are still available and can be purchased through Ticketmaster or at the door. Click HERE for more info.

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