Must-See: Billy Corgan PWNS The Music Industry at SXSW 2012!

Regardless of whether you're a fan of Smashing Pumpkins or not, it's impossible to not enjoy this discussion on the current state of the music industry by Billy Corgan.

As a musician who went from disillusioned kid to worldwide mega-star to his current status as a disillusioned adult rock star, Corgan's viewpoint comes from having seen things from both the outside and the inside.

He's been indie, he's been major-label, he's been the guy with the great single, and the guy who is now making albums with no possibility of being heard by grandmothers en masse (watch the video if you wanna know what we mean by that).

For those of us who strap on a guitar, write songs, or have yet to form our first band, but aspire to, this isn't just Billy Corgan's truth, it's our truth.

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