Alkaline Trio Teams With Fender Guitars To Bring You The Alkaline Trio Malibu Acoustic Guitar!

Chicago's favorite punk sons The Alkaline Trio have cemented their legacy as one of rock's all-time legendary acoustic punk acts. Just kidding. It seems that last year's acoustic album, Damnesia, was enough of an inspiration that Fender Instruments would approach the band to design an acoustic guitar.

Compared to Fender's Duane Baron (of the U.S. Bombs) Sonoran acoustic guitar also released as part of this new California Series - with its striped body, checkerboard headstock, and huge skull & arrows logo, the Alkaline Trio Malibu guitar is noticeably low-key.

From a design aspect, the only ting that seems to set itself apart from a traditional acoustic guitar is the heart-shaped soundhole.

With a list price of $249.00, you might expect this guitar to play like most entry-level guitars in that price range, but, surprisingly, the C-shaped neck doesn't put up much of a fight. allowing beginners and pros alike to burn up the fretboard. Our only complaint is that the guitar is not an acoustic-electric that can be plugged into an amp like the Duane Peters model.

Of course, this limited-edition guitar is a must for Alkaline Trio fans looking for an acoustic guitar to beat the shit out of at the next open mic night.

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