Five-Minute Record Review: Jimmy Fallon's "Blow Your Pants Off"!

OK, normally, we review a handful of new releases coming out each week, but this week is a special situation because there is one album that came out this week that just fucking blew my pants off. No, it wasn't the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels.

It was the new album by Jimmy Fallon, called "Blow Your Pants Off".

Now, before I dive into the review, just take a look at this track listing, baby:

1. Neil Young Sings Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
2. History of Rap (feat. Justin Timberlake)
3. Tebowie
4. Scrambled Eggs (feat. Paul McCartney)
5. The Doors Sing Reading Rainbow
6. Balls In Your Mouth (feat. Eddie Vedder)
7. My Upstairs Neighbors Are Having Sex (And Listening To The Black Eyed Peas)
8. Bob Dylan Sings Charles in Charge
9. Walk of Shame (feat. Dave Matthews)
10. Slow Jam The News (feat. Brian Williams)
11. New French Girlfriend
12. Cougar Huntin (feat. Big & Rich)
13. You Spit When You Talk
14. Friday (feat. Stephen Colbert)
15. Neil Young Sings Whip My Hair (feat. Bruce Springsteen)

Yes, you read it correctly. Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney, Eddie Vedder, Dave Matthews, TV newsman Brian Williams, and a guy from Jersey by the name of Bruce all make appearances on this album. Thing is, for all the heavyweight star power attached to this comedy album, the one song that makes it all worth the price of admission (presuming you still pay for music) is Fallon's hilariously spot-on impersonation of Neil Young performing "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air". Everything else after that is just pudding and could totally suck, for all I care. Thankfully, it doesn't. In fact, it's pretty hard to continue hating Fallon for being kind of a lightweight on SNL all those years based on this album.

The most genius moment, in our opinion, is "Tebowie", a song that perfectly melds Tim Tebow and Major Tom forever in our minds.

While some may argue that this being a live album is a bit of a rip-off, as all of these songs were performed on his show, one must first realize that only about twenty people up that light and only half are watching NBC. Thus, this album is a revelation to the rest of us who have to be in bed by a decent hour in order to rock out with our cocks out by morning.

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