Jamie Duffy, R.I.P.

On Thursday, June 21, veteran sound man and recording engineer/mixer Jamie Duffy passed away.  Duffy was also guitarist/producer/engineer for Acumen Nation/DJ Acucrack and had long been a fixture on the Chicago industrial scene, working with everyone from Ministry/Revolting Cocks to Die Warzau to Pigface and a gazillion others.

Duffy was perhaps best known for running sound at a number of clubs around Chicago.  Chances are, if you've spent any time at all over the past 15 years gigging on the local Chicago scene in the past 15 years, you more than likely crossed paths with Duffy.  If you were lucky, that is.  See, in Chicago, you can toss a rock and hit ten people who call themselves sound guys or recording engineers, but the good ones are few and far between.  The great ones are even fewer, but ask most anyone and they'll tell you he was one of them.

That's what makes his passing all the more tragic.  That it came at his own hand just adds confusion to an already traumatic event.  Friends and family are left with a gaping hole in their lives filled only with unanswered questions never to be answered.  Why is it the good souls, the kind hearts, and those who seem to live their lives "doing" instead of asking what's in it for them who can't find enough to make tomorrow worth waking up for?

Is it a flash decision made in the heat of the moment, or something that builds up over time until there is no other choice to be made?  Would hearing how much he was loved and respected have made any difference at all?

We will never know, but we at The Shit wish to pay our respects to Duffy and hope that you will, too.  A memorial service for Duffy will be held this Wed., June 27 at Neo (2350 N. Clark) 7-11 PM.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility


  1. I knew Jamie indirectly through my daughter for a good part of 3 years. I never met him, but I felt like he was a member of my family for that time. He and my daughter would talk for hours and hours, they played internet games together and competed fiercly. I knew how much he worked and how much of his time he gave. I knew he had a lot of talent and was very well respected in the industrial music industry. I know that his friends and loved ones shared with him how much he was loved. Unfortunately I think that there is some kind of evil that occupies their minds in a place where no one else can reach no matter how hard they try. He made a difference in people's lives and left an imprint on many hearts that will never go away. As much as I hope Jamie has found his peace, I wish the same for all those who loved him until we can all be together again.

  2. Jamie is a saint a true star and Jason Novak is an corrupt asshole and a demon of corruption and arrogance in the Industrial world I say this because he was in a class I was in and was an Egotistical Ass then as he is now, just like most people I know in the music industry. sad but so FUCKING true, get what you can get from them and move on(USE THEM A WHILE AND ITS OVER THE SHOULDER) FUCK YOU ALL. However I was blessed that Jason introduced Jamie to me. What people don't realize is that Jamie was a true for real Soul in this industry. A person that treated everyone with respect and dignity. Which is very rear in this market. Why He would of done what he did is fucking out of my fucking MIND. SO MUCH has now been LOST I cant even comprehend. Everyone he met he made feel special and now that's gone forever. Someone I wish I never meet but for the fact I meet Jamie through was Jason Novak. I wouldn't even have given Acumen or anyone related to his band or other projects the time of day. If it wasn't for Jamie, his only saving grace. I just got out of the memorial and I can officially say Jason Novak is an asshole and probably should feel very guilty about the demise of Jamie Duffy. I meet Jason @ Columbia collage in 93 he introduced me to Jamie at the Avalon its been history for Jamie and I EVER SINCE.. I’m so glad and have been blessed to have know him and to have witness him do what he did best producing great things in the music industry.