The Only Hurricane Sandy Playlist That Matters!

"Rock You Like A Hurricane" by The Scorpions

Nothing like cranking some classic Scorps to take your mind off of impending doom. While many would call these guys a "guilty pleasure", I'd say if 80mph winds are howling outside your window, fuck the neighbors and TURN IT UP!

"Ridin' The Storm Out" by REO Speedwagon

While primarily known these days as "the band with that singer who pronounces his "r"'s funny, REO was once a live powerhouse throughout the midwest, playing to sold out crowds from here to Springfield. "Ridin' The Storm Out" was initially released in 1973 after founding guitarist Gary Richrath succeeded in kicking Kevin Cronin out of the band. Cronin would return to the band in 1976 and a new live version of the song would become a huge radio hit.

"4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" by Bruce Springsteen

No other song so eloquently conjures up such idealistic imagery of bygone days on the Jersey shore than "Sandy". Recorded at a time when Springsteen was still entrenched in his early folk stylings, the song packs a supreme, yet understated punch in this version cut in 1975 at the Hammersmith Odeon.

"Blowin' In The Wind" by Bob Dylan

It may sound like a traditional song but was, in fact, written by Dylan and immediately became a staple of the folk movement, covered by Joan Baez, Peter, Paul and Mary, and countless others. This performance from 1963 gives great insight into what was so compelling about a young Bob Dylan, long before he became an almost religious figure in popular music.

"Blow Me (Like The Wind)" by Turbonegro

Turbonegro might not be for everybody, but this song is a great example of the pummeling, breakneck intensity for which this band is best known. It is this intensity that surely explains why one of the band members is wearing a neck brace in this video clip!

"Hurricane" by 30 Seconds To Mars

We don't normally condone bands fronted by actors, but this a great song and applicable as hell at the moment, so we'll momentarily forgive Jared Leto his transgressions as an actor-turned-rock star this one time.

"Windy" by The Association

You had to know this one would make the list, right? What makes this clip so special is how seriously "together" this band was at the time. Nerdy? Sure, but that doesn't make this tune any less catchy! If that weren't cool enough, this performance was taken from the 1967 Ravinia Festival.

"Stormy Weather" by Jeff Lynne

Sure, this song was made famous by Lena Horne, and Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra, to name but a few, but we figured we'd introduce you to a version you might not have heard before. This one's by ELO frontman and noted producer Jeff Lynne, who covered the song brilliantly on his 1990 solo album, Armchair Theatre. Dig the tasty guitar work.

"Eye of the Hurricane" by The Alarm

This sorely underrated tune, from the 1985 album of the same name, showed The Alarm at their acoustic-rocking prime, but with a cracking production meant to help their urgent social commentary reach a mainstream audience. "Rain In The Summertime" went on to be the hit from this album, but the title cut has never sounded more timely than now!

"Stormy May Day" by AC/DC

Even latter-day AC/DC can pack a helluva whallop, enough to scare off any impending storm if it knows what's good for it. This is from the group's latest studio effort, Black Ice.

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