Daredevil Pedal of The Day: The Silver Solo!

Chicago-based company Daredevil Pedals, founded by The Last Vegas guitarist John Wator, has a wide range of kick-ass pedals that not only emulate classic guitar pedals, but also surpass them in quality and performance. The fifth pedal in our week-long series of favorite Daredevil Pedals is The Silver Solo.

The Silver Solo is modeled on the classic 60's Dallas Rangemaster, increasing overall volume while boost upper frequencies to give those blazing solos of yours the boost they need to cut through the mix. It also adds a nice, subtle crunch to your rhythm work as well, which makes this an essential addition to just about any guitarist's rig.

Whether you're unleashing some tasty Clapton-esque blues licks, ZZ Top-type boogie, 80's metal, or going for that ominous early Sabbath growl, the Silver Solo pedal is right up your alley.

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