Kick-Ass Song Of The Day: Jukebox The Ghost "Don't Let Me Fall Behind"

If, like me, you can always find time to dig some new music when it comes from the same "school of rock", if you will, as Nada Surf, Death Cab, Slow Runner, and Guster, then you will want to check out the new single, "Don't Let Me Fall Behind" from NYC trio Jukebox The Ghost {website}.

The tune is from their new album, Safe Travels, which comes to us from the fine folks at Yep Roc Records. It's the kind of song that can help you forget about the days and weeks of crap music you've had to endure blaring out of neighboring cubicles.  You try not to judge, but, seriously, who but the most brain-dead of cretins listens to Kid Rock by choice?  Sigh.

We hope this song cleanses your palette and brings your smile back like it did ours. :)

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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