Okay Seriously, What CAN'T Dave Grohl DO?

When he's not playing guitar and singing for his band Foo Fighters, or playing drums with Paul McCartney and 2/3 of Nirvana, or saving kittens from tall trees (okay, that last one we can't confirm, but whose to say it hasn't happened?), Dave Grohl is apparently one bad-ass motherfucker behind the camera lens.

First, he directed the new (and amazing) documentary "Sound City", which takes a look inside the fabled L.A. recording studio, and then he went and did the impossible by making a video for Soundgarden that actually does a damn fine job of making the band seem, well, interesting.

Most directors would rely on some element that has nothing to do with the band, such as animated Lego blocks or some such nonsense, but Grohl actually manages to create a highly watchable video that serves both the song and the band, bringing a much-needed humanity to a band fighting for relevance in the year 2013.

Soundgarden appears tonight at the Riviera.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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