Our Best Albums List of 2012...

...may or may not have only one album on it.

First off, don't you hate this time of year?  Every magazine, radio station, blog and podcast on the planet spends the entire month of January forcing us to relive the shitty "Year In Music".  In doing so, you end up feeling just a tad paranoid that so many supposedly unique taste-makers, from journalists to radio station programmers to record store clerks, with access to all the coolest music on the planet, all seem to end up liking the same five albums.  

I mean, I wholeheartedly admit that people buy Radiohead albums, but I also contend that very few of those people actually listened to the albums. I say this because I have seen with my own eyes a co-worker who continually bragged on his Facebook page about snagging the mega-rare deluxe edition of their latest album - the one carved into ice and unable to be played in a room warmer than 30 degrees, yet, months later, the album remains unopened, tossed in a box on top of a filing cabinet.

So, we at The Shit figured we'd spare you the lengthy trip down memory lane as if you were recovering from a severe brain injury.  Instead, we'll simply name the ONE ALBUM that you should have been listening to, and raving about, for all of 2012 but that most of you never knew existed until now.

And, in yet another trend-bucking gesture on the part of yours truly, we won't actually write some polished review of said album, we'll simply copy you on the e-mail that we just sent to our bald buddy Tom:

Hey Chuckles--

Listening to the KMH (Kate Miller-Heidke) and it's a pretty glorious record.  I don't think I ever told you about this album, which I've seemingly hogged all to myself until now.

By the way, good luck on that Lakeland gig.  My sis works there, so maybe she can use her considerable power and experience to get you a corner office. :)

Okay, seriously, KMH is beating the shit out of that Beach House record that you liked so much and forced me to listen to on so many occasions that have forever scarred my psyche.  She is what they aspire to be, I think.

Dude, I have an awesome stone going.  After I toked, I actually watched the Oscar Nominations as they happened this morning and was in fucking heaven.  Seth MacFarlane's sense of humor speaks to my heart, so sue me.  Seriously, though, can "the academy" suckle any harder on the teet of "Silver Lining Playbook"?  Jesus, if Bradley Cooper wins an Oscar, I fear what I might do.

Fuck, "I'll Change Your Mind" is the kind of stuff that would have been a monster hit in the 80's...she is literally Cyndi Lauper, isn't she?  A little less thrift-store fifties, but off-kilter nonetheless.  And damn can she sing.  I also love the production.  There are other similar artists sharing the same space, but none of them embrace the full-on pop production like she does.

It isn't quite a Max Martin production, though, all louds and softs.  It pays a lot of attention to subtle shadings and uses odd colors in places we least expect them.  And then she'll deliver up a sparse gem like "In The Dark" that gives every Tristan Prettyman a much-needed kick in the rump.  "In the morning, the imprint of your body on my sheets" is such a great line, but just one of many surprises in the musical Pandora's Box that is "Beautiful Darling".  Genius!

How was this album not a huge fucking hit?  Oh right, we were too busy making Rihanna and Chris Brown millionaires.  Seriously, unless we as a species can begin embracing actual music again, I say just nuke us to smithereens, get it over with because it's getting gruesome, people.

So, what's your interest in "Zero Dark Thirty"?  You know I hate movies where we already know how it ends (*cough* Lincoln! *cough*).  "Gangster Squad" is where it's at.  The more I stare at the poster, though, the more I consider the possibility that it might suck like one of those straight-to-DVD "American Pie" sequels they only seem to sell in grocery stores.  You know, the ones that had none of the original kids from "American Pie" movies, but yet Eugene Levy was still in every fucking one of them?  Gotta love Eugene Levy, but, wow,.the guy just cannot say no.

It's not on this new KMH album, but there's a song she did called "Are You Ready" that should have been at least as big as "Walking With A Ghost".  Which reminds me, the new Tegan and Sara album, Heartthrob, comes out later this month.  Should be good.

Fuck, are they running new Colbert's and Daily Shows this week?  I'd gotten so used to them being on-break.  Time for me to OnDemand that shit and get caught up.  

Well, anyhoo, starting to ramble.

Peace out,
Gimpy The Love Monk

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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