Beatles Producer George Martin Calls Fab Four A Total Sham In New Interview?!

In a candid interview with London monthly The Tube, Sir George Martin, best known as the longtime producer for The Beatles, downplays the talents of the Fab Four by calling them "mop-topped hooligans", but very susceptible to Martin's "Jedi Mind Tricks" long before such a thing had a name.

"They were insufferable, John especially, but if I wanted to make a song go in a certain direction, I would simply suggest a note by playing it repeatedly on a piano.  Paul would always be first to pick up it and take full credit for coming up with it.  Lyrically, if I wanted them to sing about a certain topic, or to use a certain phrase, I would scribble it down as if written by a child, so as to match their own penmanship, and then place it amongst their things.  'Newspaper taxis appear on the shore' was a total farce just to see what nonsensical stuff I could get them to sing."

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

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