Bands To See At Lollapalooza 2013, Part One! Crystal Castles, The Postal Service And Smith Westerns!

With so many bands on the bill and no way to see them all, we at The Shit figured the least we could do is clue you in to some of the bands you don't wanna miss this year.

Crystal Castles

If one were to compile a list of the best modern-day lo-fi synth duos appearing at Lollapalooza this year, admittedly, the list wouldn't be very long, but Crystal Castles would be at the top of it.  For the true-blue electro contingent, its the duo's delightfully over-the-top approach to, well, everything that makes them a band you should definitely make sure to catch at Lolla 2013.  For the rest of the crowd, this duo offers the best chance of a Robert Smith sighting, as he was guest vocalist on their landmark cover of Platinum Blonde's "Not In Love" and he'll be in the vicinity anyway, as The Cure are also playing Lollapalooza this year.

The Postal Service

Even those prone to betting on the longest of long shots would have balked at putting their money down on the Postal Service ever getting back together, much less touring.  After all, the whole driving force of the project was the fact that the two principal members Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello had hardly, if ever, been in the same room together during the recording process.  Now, of course, Ben and Jimmy will be sharing the same stage as they celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of their sole album, Give Up.  Of course, Sub Pop is releasing an expanded tenth-anniversary edition of the album loaded with 15 unreleased tracks.

Smith Westerns

Chicago's own garage rockers the Smith Westerns continue to confound their detractors with yet another high-profile gig that will pt them in front of a huge crowd of folks who may not yet be familiar with their special blend of "glam roots" garage rock.  Making this set something to look forward to is the factvthat their newalbum, Soft Will, will be out in June so the band will be bringing a large portion of that album to life for those unsuspecting Grant Park crowd lucky enough to catch a band that is continually raising the bar instead of lowering it..

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