Chicago's Own DJ Moosebox Remixes Bowie For Kia Cadenza Commercial

You know you're the only music geek in the house when you wonder aloud what version of David Bowie's "Let's Dance" is used in the new Kia Cadenza spot and your much-younger girlfriend (two can play this game, Mr. Maron) just rolls her eyes.  Ah, but she's a good kid.

For those who share my pain, the riveting little ditty that sets the stage for Kia's new luxury sedan is actually a remix of Bowie's 1983 mega-hit by none other than Chicago's own mix master extraordinaire DJ Moosebox.

So show this home-grown talent some love by running out and buying as many Kia Cadenzas as you can afford as he may have forgone a big up-front payday in lieu of a commission based on the number of Cadenzas sold.  I'm kidding of course, this dude is not just rolling in talent at the moment,if you catch my drift.

To listen to DJ Moosebox's ravishing remix of "Let's Dance" in it's entirety, just hit PLAY below.  You can also check out more of his tonal expositions on the official DJ Moosebox Soundcloud page.

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