Is The New Jay-Z album Magna Carta Holy Grail THE SHIT or Just Shit?

"I own a lot of cool shit, yo."
Jay-Z?  Pfft, more like Lay-Z.

On Magna Carta Holy Grail, Beyonce's man raps about himself and how many cool things he owns, but, in doing so, sounds bored and uninspired...just like a spoiled goon no longer moved by all that money can buy.  Mind you, in this way, Magna Carta sounds no different than any of Jay-Z's previous efforts, wherein he tells you how great he is, it's just that Jay-Z can barely be bothered to take the $80 stogie outta his mouth to do so.

Thing is, does he not get that nobody likes a braggart unless said braggart is picking up the tab?  Thankfully, his records have never been about the music, as he has always specialized in "music" for people who don't actually like music, but need to fill their earholes with something during time outs at NBA basketball games.

The production, phoned in again by Timbaland, does little to raise the energy level.  In fact,this album is not one I would recommend listening to while driving or operating other heavy machinery.  In that sense, Jay-Z and Timbaland have done the impossible by creating the most reliable over-the-counter sleep aid since Ny-Quil.

Verdict: As a cure for insomnia, Magna Carta... is THE SHIT!

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