John Lennon Travels Back In Time To 1950's Milwaukee So Julian Can Meet The Fonz!

Left to right: Ralph Malph, Richie Cunningham, John Lennon, Potsie Weber, Julian Lennon, The Fonz, and some poor schmuck who lost most of his face in a horrible picture-taking accident
Let's face it, if you ever liked the Beatles (and if you didn't, what the bleep is wrong with you?!), then you more than likely had a favorite Fab.  As if I needed another reason for John to be my fave Beatle, this photographic oddity would only serve to sway the vote even more substantially in Lennon's direction.  I mean, come on, did Paul McCartney ever do anything this cool for Stella or James?
Not only was Lennon one of the most important songwriters of all-time, it also turns out he mastered the art of time travel and, upon doing so, asked his young son Julian what location and year he'd most like to visit.
Julian, a huge fan of The Fonz at the time, immediately responded "Milwaukee, 1950", at which point Lennon typed in the necessary data, hit the "GO" button, and voila!

But why was the photo taken in black-and-white, you ask?  Um, hello, it's 1950!

[Thanks to my good buddy Tom Maguire for clueing me into this great pic!]

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  1. He also went back to 1948 as an older man and fought for Israeli independence.