We Review The New Beck Tune "I Won't Be Long"!

As one of rock's most enduring modern artists, Beck has the rare distinction of being able to explore virtually any sort of musical path without alienating the millions of fans he has amassed over a career that now spans three decades.  That's pretty rare in this day and age of shrinking attention spans and impatient chants of "Don't bore us, get to the chorus!"

The best part of being a Beck fan, of course, is watching an artist who could very easily have been a one-hit wonder with the insanely novel "Loser".  While there was nothing on his debut Geffen release, Mellow Gold, to match the raw genius of the Carl Stephenson-produced smash-hit single, Beck has continued to challenge and defy critics and fans alike by essential doing whatever the hell he damn well pleases when and only when he feels like it.

While the five-year gap between proper studio albums shows no immediate signs of drawing to a close, Beck has willingly allowed two new songs to escape from the vaults in the past few weeks; the first being the experimental cut-and-paste of "Defriended".

On "I Won't Be Long", though, Beck relies on a propulsive simplicity on which to launch this earworm of a chorus into the stratosphere.

The song is setto be released on 12" vinyl with a fifteen-minute remix of the tune appearing as a B-side.

You can order the single HERE.

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