Friday, October 4, 2013

The 10 Best 'Friday' Songs EVER, Part One!

Pfft, don't we all.
The work week has dragged like nobody's business and now Friday is finally here. Best start pumping some music to get the blood flowing so you can do some living because, before you know it, it will be Monday again. To help get your weekend of to a great start, we thought we'd compile our definitive list of the 10 best songs about Fridays!

"Thank God It's Friday" by Love and Kisses

Most us know them as "who?", but when we hear this song, we're transported to a time when style and love and music were all you needed to "get lucky".  And nobody was wearing helmets, if you catch my drift.  The video is relatively new to us (thank you, YouTube!), but serves only to confirm the dreamy escapades taking place in our minds all these years.  We're all dying to know if that's Isaac Hayes doing the low, sexy "Thank God It's..."  but we're in no hurry because, you know, we dancin', baby.  On the serious side, knowing that "Love & Kisses" is the name of the band responsible for this sweet-ass mega-jam will make you look like a genius at the next bar trivia event.

"Friday, I'm In Love" by The Cure

The mad juxtaposition of dark themes awkwardly stitched to sugary pop confections was The Cure's main calling card.  Serious question:  Is there a better modern-day pop songsmith than our beloved "Bacharach in Black? Of course, we always wondered if and when they'd dispense with the foreplay, so to speak, and close the deal - unleash that "K-Tel all-time-greatest-hits" of a song and take a stab at the brass ring of pop stardom.  This time around, Robert Smith's make-up and electric-shock hairdo serve only to distract you while your ears go into sugar shock nirvana.

"Every Night's A Friday Night" by The Suburbs

We're just gonna say it.  This is one of the absolute coolest tunes written about the best night of the week and nobody fucking heard it.  I mean, this song was so buried that when the band went in search of their masters for a series of re-issues, the label that had taken ownership of (the band's label at the time) A&M's masters had, uh, lost them.  Oops.  

So this song is just lost to the ages, I guess, never to grace an iconic teen movie or get played on MTV every thirty minutes, or pack dancefloors at every wedding, frat party, or high school dance.

Doesn't make it any less great, though.  Judge for yourself.

Be warned, those hearing the song have been known to slap themselves in the forehead for missing out all these years.

"Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry

It (almost) pains us to admit it, but everything about this song (and movie-format video) is pitch-perfect. The way we judge this stuff has always been "Would it have been a hit in the '80s" and rarely is the answer ever yes (sorry P!nk and Avril and Zzz), but this one is different.  Of course, it's an homage to the decade, but so lovingly done (by usual suspects Dr. Luke and Max Martin) that it succeeds in turning back the clock and that's the one thing all great Friday songs have in common.  Now come on, let's go break the law.

"Friday On My Mind" by The Easybeats

Equal parts "Paint It Black" and "Kicks", The Easybeats' supremely subversive "Friday On My Mind" strikes gold with it's endless entendres, or are they?  Whether he's singing about a girl or heroin (more evident in the Bowie version), the beauty is in the choice being left up to the listener.  Easily the band's finest hour, the song (and album) would inexplicably go unreleased in the band's home country of Australia while topping charts around the globe.  Main songwriters George Young and Harry Vanda would go on to play a much larger role in shaping rock history as producers for George's two younger brothers' band, AC/DC.

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