Superior Gift Ideas For The Musician (Or Music Lover) In Your Life, Part One!

With Christmas and other gift-giving holidays fast-approaching, we at The Shit would not be doing our civic duty if we did not pass along some of our favorite gift ideas.  This is Part One in a five-part weekly series that we lovingly call "Superior Gift Ideas For The Musician (Or Music Lover) In Your Life!".  Okay, enough with the italicized introduction, let's open some GIFTS!

US Festival 1983 [DVD] (Due December 3, 2013)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was the man behind this short-lived rock festival that took place in 1982 and 1983. His love for music and sizeable bank account thanks to Apple's success led him to not only create his very own music festival, but pay acts such as Van Halen, David Bowie and The Clash ridiculous sums to perform. Despite massive audiences both years, the festival's overhead made breaking even a virtual impossibility, leading him to disontinue the event. After decades of legal limbo that has kept this footage off the commercial market, the festival's legend has only grown, making the arrival of this new DVD that much more exciting.

Gathered on this single-DVD set (running time 135 minutes) are performances by U2, The Clash, Scorpions, INXS, Missing Persons, Judas Priest, and more. While it would have been cool to have entire sets by each band included here, one must take what one can get for now.

Unfinished Flying V Electric Guitar Kit from Rockler

When I think about the fact that Eddie Van Halen not only came up with his own groundbreaking playing style, he also built his own guitars, which gave him incredible insight into the inner workings of a guitar in order to eventually capture that "brown sound" he heard in his head.  Maybe the rocker in your life will never be Eddie Van Halen (which is fine because we already have one), but whose to say their own hand-built guitar - the very one you bought them for Christmas - won't become an iconic symbol of rock & roll and one day wind up in a plexiglass box in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

The Rutles Anthology

Before there was Spinal Tap, there were The Rutles, created by British actors Neil Innes and Eric Idle - best known for their work with Monty Python.  This 2-disc DVD set features a complete video restoration of the group's mockumentary "All You Need Is Cash", complete with a new 5.1 mix, along with bonus features that include the group's original Saturday Night Live sketch as well as new interview and commentary from Eric Idle.

Marshall Mini-Fridge

If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for the rocker who seemingly has everything, this stylish Marshall min-fridge is the ultimate gift that's sure to please.  Sure, it came out last year, but word on the street is that the licensing deal that made this item possible in the first place is set to expire in 2014, making these cool mini-fridges a soon-to-be collector's item.

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