Got Vinyl?: Three Cool Rock Docs You Can Watch For FREE!

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, and the fact that little, if any, work is getting done today, we at The Shit figured we'd help you kill some time until the "quittin' whistle" goes off by turning you on to a handful of great rock documentaries that you can stream for free.

Last Shop Standing (2012)

As the official documentary of Record Store Day 2013, this all-too-short documentary (clocking in at an economical 49 minutes) covers the rise, fall and resurgence of the vinyl from a British viewpoint.  In addition to the many anecdotes from actual UK ma-and-pa record store owners and employees, those who watch this loving ode to vinyl will also be treated to interviews from Billy Bragg, Johnny Marr and Duff McKagan (Guns n Roses).

Re-Vinylized (2013)

Wanna hear the same story told from a decidedly American POV by folks in our own backyard?  "Re-Vitalized" was filmed in Chicago and takes you inside such esteemed stores as Val's Halla, Hard Boiled, Vintage Vinyl, Dead Wax and Record Emporium.  As you might expect, Greg Kot and Jim Derogatis are featured throughout the film.  The best part of the entire documentary, for me at least, was a single photgraph of the interior of Wax Trax Records on N. Lincoln that reawakened a ton of memories of the countless hours spent with some of my best friends on the planet (the records, that is).

When Albums Ruled The World (2013)

Per usual, BBC turns in the most comprehensive doc we've ever seen on the history of vinyl, taking us from the first commercial turntable in 1948 to the massive vinyl boom of the 60' and 70's to the dark days of downloading and into the current vinyl comeback.  Along the way, there are great interviews with Noel Gallagher, Slash, Nile Rodgers, and Grace Slick (who you probably won't recognize).  This one is a must for anyone who loves vinyl!

Beware, watching any of these documentaries will inspire you to buy more vinyl.  Don't say we didn't warn ya.

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