The Shit List: Top 10 Things Wrong With Year-End Top 10 Lists!

Okay, THIS Top 10 List We Kinda Like...
Once again, we were besieged by offers to contribute our year-end Top 10 list to otherwise respectable publications and, once again, we turned 'em all down, baby. The truth is we just like you too much to do such a thing to you.  Make no mistake, we still have more opinions than there are assholes on the planet, but just don't think ANYONE should be subjected to another person's Year-End Top 10 List.

On anything.  For those needing an explanation:

Top 10 Things Wrong With Year-End Top 10 Lists

1. All Writers Like The Same Bands

2. Seriously, It's Ridiculously Coincidental

3. That all these hundreds and hundreds of writers from all different parts of the country (if not world) would all regurgitate some slight variation of the same twenty albums.

4. Which, if you think about it, is so fucking pretentious and sheep-like.

5. Incestuous even.

6. Have you actually met any of these writers?  No?  Neither has anybody else.  They never leave their fucking apartments.

7. But when they do, they Four Square from Starbucks.  How original.

8. Truth is there are really only four great music writers and the rest WORSHIP THEM.  If those four great music writers rave about something, the rest will follow, and we all end up buying some variation of the same twenty albums.

9. Pretty much like everybody else.

10. The End.

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  1. I know what you mean. I'd love to have your list, though. Loved the one about Chicago bands, and others, keep them coming.
    Put Pitchfork journalists and their clones to shame.

  2. Thanks Mina, dunno if I'm putting anyone to shame, just adding another voice.