Our Thoughts On Last Night's Beatles Tribute!

What's NOT wrong with this picture?
OK, what the hell was that?  We've had 50 years to work on this show and all we do is grab the closest gaggle of nitwits?  LL Cool J as host?!  That guy couldn't have named three Beatles songs a week ago.  Do you not see that as maybe a little disrespectful, CBS?

And, wow, they got Dave Grohl to show up, what a coup!
I've come to view Grohl with the same distrust I have for the McRib, which, for all the coming back and going away, never seems to leave the fucking room.  Did he or did he NOT announce that the Foo Fighters would be breaking up at the end of that one show in England?  His words mean nothing.

And why was Katy Perry there?  Were Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Patti Smyth (the one who sang "The Warrior" and shaved her pits) or that gal from Quarterflash unavailable?  What about Adele, or is she the new diva who hates to fly?

Thankfully, Annie Lennox showed up.  Sadly, every out-of-touch yutz on FB feels the need to proclaim their ignorance to the world: "Wow, Annie Lennox has some pipes.  Who knew?"

Meanwhile, my dislike of Adam Levine burns strong today.  Explain to me how he's a thing again?
How did Ringo and Paul keep straight faces?  I mean, they created the very magic moment that we were celebrating.  They've not only known genius, they ARE genius, yet there they were with the rest of us watching that Maroon 5 douche nozzle shove his smarmy ego in everybody's faces.  Talk about a guy who made the most of getting turned down by some girl fifteen years ago.

Steve Lukather is a bad-ass.  The amount of stuff he's played on that people know about (Toto) is nothing compared to what they don't.  Think about that the next time you listen to "Appetite For Destruction".
I kinda wish there was a movie where a group of strange creatures descend from a flying machine.  Upon landing, they exit their craft and are greeted by press from all around the world.  A few days later, they appear before a national television audience.  Upon finishing, the one called "Paul" steps to the mic and says "You've got 50 years to top that or there will be severe consequences."

Instead of working together to come up with something better to save their owns skins, the people kick their feet up on the table and say "Pfft, we'll throw something together when the time comes."

So 50 years passes and, sure to their word, the folks at CBS throw something together at the last minute, ignoring 49 years of music history in favor of a random gathering of this year's best karaoke-level talent.  The two strange creatures appear as promised, see what we've managed to do in 50 years, and were least seen screaming in horror.

Take that, strange creatures from the flying machine.

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  1. Number 1: LL Cool J had no business being host to a Beatles 50th anniversay show, next year when they have a Hip-Hop award show let's have Bob Dylan or better yet Pat Boone host the show. Number 2: how come no one in the months and weeks before the 50th Anniversary show interview someone in the Ed Sullivan family, maybe his daughter Betty, hey that's a thought, in respect and equal tribute to the man who basically introduced the Beatles to America and showcased Elvis Presley in the 195's, paving the path to the American Icon he would soon become. At least CBS could have said 'Thanks Ed' posthumoulsy for everything for 23 years of incredible entertainment every Sunday night from 1948 to 1971, what a bunch if low-class greed mongering ingrates