The Genius Of...Kwame!

I've been sitting here for half an hour trying to put into words how talented and influential Kwame has ben since he first burst upon the scene in the late '80s.  Those who hail Kanye West as a genius, yet have no idea who Kwame is or how many great records he's been a part of over the past four decades, are no doubt the same folks who consider LeBron James the best basketball player to ever play the game.

And when you remind them of the skills of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson, they just look at you like you're the one that's crazy when they should be skittering out of the room in embarrassment.

Of course, the fine folks at Scratch Magazine actually know their shit and visited Kwame's studio to sit down with "The Boy Genius".  In this hour-long interview, Kwame is refreshingly candid in explaining his rise from high school kid with a dream to hip-hop solo sensation to in-demand producer responsible for making folks like LL Cool J, Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, Christina Aguilera, Talib Kweli, and others look good.

This hour-long interview offers a literal treasure trove of anecdotes and insights into the world of true musical innovator and, dare we say, genius.  One thing's for sure, this is a man who doesn't need 42 other people to help him be one, either.

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