Five Minute Record Reviews: Eagulls, Nick Waterhouse, Ava Luna, And The Men!

Nick Waterhouse - Holly

Those waiting for the next Chris Isaak can stop holding their breath.  Waterhouse may not have the molasses-smooth voice, but he does have the sneer and conviction necessary to cause sparks to fly.  And if "This Is A Game" doesn't get placed in a major commercial in the next six months, we will eat our hat. Deliciously, unapologetically retro rock just does not get done any better than this.  "Let it Come Down" has already provided the soundtrack to one sweaty romp in the penthouse suite, if you catch our drift.

The Men - Tomorrow's Hits

Okay, remind us again why The Men are not yet a household name?  They're a little snarky, like Cracker, and can work up a good head of steam like R.E.M. when Bill Berry was in the band.  Plus, they've got a certain ragged elegance like Elvis Costello & The Attractions.  Plus, you gotta love any band capable of releasing five albums in five years and have not a single dud in the bunch. Tomorrow's Hits is the most potent punch thus far, though.

Eagulls - Eagulls

Just when you think that it's all been done and that there will never be another band to make the hair on your neck stand up straight, along comes another UK band to kick your soul awake and make you remember everything you ever loved about rock & roll.  I wrote those words after hearing only one song on their new album.  If there is any justice in the world, kids will be singing the refrain to "Nerve Endings" like past generations sang "Sunday Bloody Sunday".

See, where other bands get it wrong is that they think they can fake the urgency.  When it works, it works because you can tell that what the band is doing comes so effortlessly.  They're not trying, their just opening a floodgate.  This is the most important British band since The Clash.

Ava Luna - Electric Balloon

Anyone in the mood for some other-planet shit?  Those who remember when that first -52's album came out will get that same ecstatic chill upon listening to the punk-funk tour de force that is Ava Luna's brilliant new Electric Balloon.  If you're anything like me, you'll be searching the band's live schedule by the third tune.  I'llsave you some searching and break the news gently that they were here just a couple weeks ago and you MISSED THEM.  They're doing a ton of stuff at SXSW, so there are plenty of chances to catch them online.

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