Song Of The Day: Dandy Warhols "Godless"

For those who can still recall those heady first days of the new millennium when the Dandy Warhols were a vibrant, post-modern rock band capable of tossing off great tunes like "Get Off", "Bohemian Like You" and "Godless", the Warhols' recent "Thirteen Tales" tour was major cause for celebration..or concern.  After all, it's not often that you see a great band four albums removed from their last moment of widespread relevance resort to nostalgia in order to maintain the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed.

Oh wait, yes it is.

So it was with mixed feelings that we greeted the band's decision to tour last year in support of their thirteen-year-old album, Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia.  Sure, it was the thirteenth anniversary of said album, but the whole thing felt like a surrender of sorts.  After all, for die-hard fans of the band who still have ears, it has become increasingly difficult to champion the band's continued relevancy in light of recent albums such as The Dandy Warhols Are Sound and This Machine, which, quite frankly, failed to deliver the goods.

Against my better judgment, I bought a ticket to catch the band performance of Thirteen Tales expecting to see a band content to phone it in.  Let's face it, the Warhols have never been known as a live band, but what I saw and heard during that show was a band intent on delivering what was arguably their last great album the way they had always wanted it to be heard.

In doing so, they managed to completely reinvent the material just enough to breathe new life into already-stunning songs such as "Godless" and their only UK Top 10 hit "Bohemian Like You", among others.

So it comes as a shrewd, yet creative move to see the band releasing Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia Live At The Wonder on March 25th via The End Records.

Track listing: 

01. Godless
02. Mohammed
03. Nietzsche
04. Country Leaver
05. Solid
06. Horse Pills
07. Get Off
08. Sleep
09. Cool Scene
10. Bohemian Like You
11. Shakin
12. Big Indian
13. The Gospel
14. Genius (LP Bonus Track)
15. Pete International Airport/Boys Better (LP Bonus Track)

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