Good News From The Wax Trax! Front!

Those of you familiar with the iconic Chicago record store and music label home to such artists as Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Front 242, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Luc Van Acker, KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Palhead, 1,000 Homo DJ's, Lard, etc. will be thrill-killed to learn of Julia Nash's plan to relaunch the label in June by releasing the new 12" single from Cocksure, the new project from Chris Connelly (Ministry/Revco) and Jason Novak (Acumen Nation).

If that's not cool enough, The 12" will also feature a special appearance by Front 242's Richard 23.

Of course, Connelly and Novak had previously released their first single, "Klusterfuck Kulture", in late 2013, promising a full-length was in the works.

The three-track 12" single is entitled TKO Mindfuck and is due to be released in June.  An exact date for when pre-orders will begin to be taken has yet to be announced.  Stay tuned.

In other Wax Trax! news, the long-rumored documentary is still in the works, with some recent interviews being shot in L.A.  According to Julia Nash (daughter of co-founder Jim Nash):

"We headed out to LA last month for some very special interviews. Camera time with key family members & employees along with the always charming Frot Line Assembly and Thrill Kill Kult made the trip better than we could ever hope for. In addition to our West coast homies, we were thrilled to also be able to interview Sascha waaayy over in Hamburg earlier this month. Kapt’n K…We salute you!

We are really getting mighty close to the end of our filming and then it’s into the editing room. The fog is starting to lift and we hope to have a better idea of a general release date soon."

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