Rumblings In Kiss Kamp: Original Line-up To Perform After All?

No, this is not a left over from April Fool's Day...unless it turns out to be untrue, of course.

A close source in the tour industry tells THE SHIT that a certain make-up wearing rock band expected to be "entering a hall" later this month. but who have been mired in acrimony, are apparently warming to the idea of performing now.

Our source said a "Farewells Are For Suckers" tour, featuring the original line-up, has been floated to prospective promoters and that the asking price would make it the most lucrative payday in concert history.
Which means that the almost daily stories being published by Rolling Stone, including this month's cover story, are all part of a calculated campaign to build interest in the tour.

We at THE SHIT remain optimistically skeptical, but this source has never been wrong before.

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