Must-See TV: David Bowie Documentary "Five Years" On Showtime!

Further proof that things are just that much cooler in the UK comes in the form of a "new" David Bowie documentary called "Five Years", which debuts on Showtime tonight at 9PM (Eastern and Pacific).  The documentary, of course, debuted on the BBC back in May.  Of 2013.

That's right, the good ol' BBC produced and aired this excellent documentary last year, with nary a mention of it made to we American Bowie fans.  This documentary, which tells the story of David Bowie's many musical changes in the artist's own words, is SO much more essential than the documentary the Beeb had aired a month earlier, which featured no actual input or new interview footage from the thin white duke.

That documentary, "The Story of Ziggy Stardust", is much more comprehensive than the title would imply, diving into Bowie's formative years and early music career, but the lack of input from Bowie gives it a certain "unauthorized" feel.

"Five Years", by comparison, gives Bowie the opportunity to tell his story his way and that's what makes this rock doc so essential.

Bowie gave producers access to his personal archive of costumes, set designs, lyrics and memorabilia, and each year mines the sources of his inspiration and where it led him

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