Tonight's Halloween Must-See Rock Show: The Wytches At Schubas 10PM!

Let's face it, we Chicagoans are spoiled bunch when it comes to music.  Not only do we live in one of the largest cities in the country and are, therefore, treated to a visit from every major touring act on the planet, but you can literally throw a rock and hit three great local bands worthy of your time and money.  So what's a boy or girl to do on Halloween night when faced with soooooo many opportunities to go out and hear some damn fine live music?

Well, let's keep it remotely Halloween-themed, okay?  A band who go by the name of the Wytches seems like a slam dunk of sorts.  Thankfully, their music and onstage excellence more than live up to a name that suggests...darkness, foreboding heaviness, and just enough of a hint of danger to keep things interesting.

And if that's not enough, Schubas and the band are offering $150 and a $50 drink tab to the person with the best costume so that person who makes a concerted effort to make their own presence known at the Rock Show could go home with more cash than they had when they showed up, and when is that ever a bad thing.

So who are the Wytches, you ask?

This trio hails from the Brighton (UK) and their debut longplayer, Anabel's Dream Reader, comes to us via the Heavenly Records imprint (with Partisan Records picking up US distro).  Heavenly, of course, are also home to current faves Temples and gave Manic Street Preachers and Beth Orton their starts.

Admission is $12, 10PM showtime.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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