Happy Birthday Jim Adkins: Five Fun Facts About Jimmy Eat World!

Jim Adkins, singer and guitarist for Arizona emo act Jimmy Eats World, celebrates his 39th birthday today.  To celebrate his special day, we at The Shit present Five Fun Facts about Jimmy Eat World.

1. The name Jimmy Eat World doesn't refer to him, but, rather, Jimmy Eat World guitarist Tom Linton's younger brothers Jimmy and Ed (pictured on the cover of their out-of-print 1994 debut album), who, according to legend, fought a lot as kids, prompting Ed to make a crayon drawing of his brother devouring the earth, along with the caption "Jimmy eat world".

2. Chicago rocker Wes Kidd (Rights of the Accused, Triple Fast Action) co-produced their debut Capitol Records release, Static Prevails.

3. 2007's Chase This Light (Interscope) was executive produced by midwest rocker/producer Butch Vig and produced by Chris Testa, who had previously won a Grammy for his production work for the Dixie Chicks' album, Taking The Long Way.

4. Tom Linton, who handled lead vocal duties on the band's 1994 debut album, but sang only one song on Clarity (the track "Blister") did not sing on another Jimmy Eat World song until eleven years later when he sang on "Action Needs An Audience" on 2008's Invented.

5.  In light of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001, the band just-released album, Bleed American, was re-issued under the new title Jimmy Eat World.  The song "Bleed American" was als re-titled "Salt Sweat Sugar".

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