Let's Be Derivative: Fall Out Boy Releases New Song "The Kids Aren't Alright"!

Why do Fall Out Boy exist?

As fellow rockers from Chicago, we applaud the band's success, but, at some point, you really do have to wonder why a band continues to exist when the music they make is, for lack of a better word, uninspired and so incredibly derivative that if you didn't already know it was Fall Out Boy, you'd be hard-pressed to guess whether this was some old Eve 6 tune or One Direction's attempt at being edgy (and failing).

Additionally, if you're going to flat-out borrow a title from The Offspring that is, itself, a play on the Who's "The Kids are Alright", one would think you'd at least want to make sure that your song leaves that Offspring tune in the dust.  Instead, one gets the feeling that Fall Out Boy are either oblivious to a popular radio hit's existence (not plausible) or so bereft of original ideas that they've resorted to commandeering already-popular titles.

Of course, what does one expect from a band whose new album is entitled "American Beauty/American Psycho"?

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