The Least Essential Christmas Album In The History of Mankind!

Duck The Halls - A Robertson Family Christmas

We've all seen literally dozens of products branded with some form of the Duck Dynasty cast's likeness and, to an extent, that's all fine and good.  I mean, it makes perfect sense that anyone walking into a Wal-Mart may find themselves momentarily overcome with the desire to throat punch a cardboard cut-out of these bearded frauds, but there has always been at least one sanctuary where I can go to escape yet another sales pitch from the Robertson family: the record store.

Well, thanks to this latest brazen holiday cash-in attempt, I can't even walk into my local record store now, as the Duck Dynasty clan have now put out their own Christmas album featuring guest appearances from some of country's biggest sell-outs (Luke Bryan, Josh Turner).  Unfortunately, these bearded schmucks have apparently kidnapped Alison Krauss and forced her to sing a duet with them against her will,  How else to explain her involvement in this album, or her muffled vocals on "Away In The Manger"?  Come on guys, at least have the good sense to remove her gag before you hit "record".

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